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Do Minor Car Accidents Affect Insurance?

A minor car accident may only last a few seconds, but its impacts can last years. Aside from personal injury, one of the biggest driver concerns is what happens to insurance rates after a crash. While you should expect your rate to go up if you’re …

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer for SSI Disability?

If you’ve recently become disabled and can no longer work, you may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD/I) benefits. It’s best to hire an attorney to help walk you through the SSI Disability claims process. Here’s how much it may cost to…

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How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Case?

When a personal injury results from another person’s negligent actions, you could be eligible for compensation. Personal injury cases fall under a large umbrella, and can be as small as a slip-and-fall or as large as a major car accident. However, …

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What Is Considered Minor Damage on a Car?

Car accidents are scary, and the smallest fender-bender can feel like a major incident. However, most car accidents result in minor car damage. Here is what is considered minor car accident damage by most insurance companies.
Minor Car Accident Dama…

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4 Things Not to Say to Your Workmans Comp Doctor

An independent medical exam, or IME, is required to verify your injuries in a workmans comp case. What you say during your IME could be crucial in determining your settlement. Here are a few things not to say to your doctor during your IME.
Things T…

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What Do I Do If I Have a Minor Car Accident?


Any car accident, minor or severe, can weaken your personal and mental health. After a minor car accident, you may be tempted to drive away if there were no damages or injuries; however, there are certain things you must do to avoid penalty…

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How Are Workers’ Comp Settlements Calculated in Missouri?


Getting injured on the job isn’t an uncommon problem in the workforce. Missouri residents receive various benefits from workers’ compensation to help them get through their recovery. However, some cases close with a settlement, which ca…

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Can I Return to Work After a Workers’ Comp Settlement?


Many questions will run through your head after getting injured on the job. For example, you’ll wonder how your injury will affect your bank account, what to expect from a workers’ compensation settlement, and if and when you can return…

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