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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Missouri?

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Missouri?

Lane splitting is a motorcycle maneuver that’s highly contested. As it becomes a more common practice, some states are adopting lane splitting policies. Here’s where Missouri stands on lane splitting.

What Is Lane Splitting?

Also known as lane filtering, lane splitting happens when a motorcyclist rides between two lanes of same-direction traffic. Instead of staying in one lane behind other cars, they split the lane and filter through other vehicles. Most motorcyclists lane split to avoid traffic and save time on their commute. It can also help drivers because the motorcycle isn’t in their blind spot.

Lane Splitting in Missouri

Missouri doesn’t have any traffic laws regarding lane splitting, meaning it’s technically legal. It’s a gray area that’s under constant revision. While it’s not illegal, lane splitting isn’t the best practice for motorcyclists. If the driver lane splits in a dangerous or reckless manner, they can cause accidents and face traffic citations or fines.

Lane Splitting Accidents

The main reason lane splitting is controversial is because it can lead to a wreck. Since it requires motorcyclists to get close to other vehicles, it removes space for drivers to get out of the way of hazards. This could result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Liability becomes complicated in Missouri because lane splitting doesn’t automatically place liability with the motorcyclist. It depends on the results of the investigation and if the cyclist was acting dangerously.

Trusted Missouri Car and Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Lane splitting is a dangerous practice that can lead to serious injury for motorists. If you’ve been injured in a lane splitting accident, you’ll want to consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They’ll be able to help you navigate the claims process and get the compensation you deserve. For car or motorcycle accidents in Missouri, contact the legal professionals at Lanzotti & Rau at 573-335-9300.