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Common Personal Injury Cases in Missouri


Personal injury claims are a regular practice among citizens. No one wants to sustain an injury due to another party’s negligence, and standard law procedure enables people to be rightly reinstated with compensation for someone else’s m…

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What to Do If You Are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident


It is a rare thing when a motorcyclist is involved in an accident and walks away unscathed. Even at low speeds a motorcyclist can be seriously injured from sliding on the ground, being pinned by their bike, or being directly hit by another …

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What to Do After Being Hurt on the Job


Slips, falls, and countless other incidents can happen no matter what your job title is, which is why most companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. But even though the simplest work accidents can rack up expensive b…

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Tips for Safe Summer Driving


Who doesn’t love a good, ol’ fashioned family road trip in the summer? There are few things more memorable than packing up the car to explore the country with your family. Of course, rarely does everything go right on a road trip — th…

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3 Types of Product Liability Claims


Just as negligent people are held legally responsible for the injuries they cause others, liability laws also hold companies responsible for injuries caused by their products. Whether it’s a faulty vehicle part like an airbag or unsafe pe…

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Who Is at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Crash?


When you get into a multi-vehicle car accident, it can be a bit of a challenge trying to figure out exactly who caused it. Although every state has its own traffic laws which regulate exactly what is and isn’t allowed on the road, there a…

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What to Do if You Suffer from Whiplash


Even at speeds as slow as 15 mph, an automobile accident can seriously injure a driver or passenger in a way that limits their mobility and reduces their quality of life. In fact, one of the most commonly diagnosed slow-speed injuries is wh…

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Things to Know About Going to The Emergency Room After An Accident


Though we hear stories from time to time about people we know getting in a freak accident and being rushed to the emergency room, we never expect something similar to happen to us. The ER might seem like more of a reality on TV shows than i…

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