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The Importance of Documenting All of Your Injuries After an Accident


According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, more than 2.35 million people are injured or disabled due to a car accident, costing the United States more than $230 billion per year. There is the potential of danger whene…

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Common Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Can Be Denied


Having a disability claim denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is an unfortunate reality for a majority of those seeking compensation as the SSA reports more than 65% of initial claims are denied. Re-considerations, which is t…

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What Does Attorney-Client Privilege Mean?


One of the oldest privileges when it comes to common law, attorney-client privilege represents a client’s right to refuse to disclose—and to prevent third parties from disclosing—confidential communications between the attorney and clie…

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Is Missouri a No-Fault Auto Insurance State?


No-fault insurance means that if you are injured in a car accident, your insurance coverage will pay for some or all of your medical bills ensuring that you are made whole — this is done regardless of who was at fault for the crash.
How …

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Semi-Truck Accidents Caused by Driver Fatigue

Rain, sleet, and snow are visible hazards that make everyone move with caution; however, there are some road risks that aren’t as easy for drivers to identify. Fatigue in semi-truck drivers doesn’t fall from the sky or cover the roads in slick bi…

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Can Workers Compensation Benefits Be Denied?

Knowing that their employer has workers’ compensation insurance is a huge relief for a lot of employees. However, in the unfortunate event that a claimant has to take advantage of an employer’s policy, he or she might be surprised to find out tha…

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What to Do If an Uninsured Driver Hits You


When another driver hits your vehicle and causes physical injuries, emotional trauma, and property damage, you deserve compensation for your pain, suffering, and debt. However, when the at-fault driver doesn’t have car insurance to cover …

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Vehicle-Bicycle Accidents


Accidents on the road are rarely simple and never identical, but there are still some overarching actions to properly address any collision: inform authorities, gather evidence, and seek legal assistance. However, when an auto accident only…

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