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The Lanzotti & Rau Difference

At Lanzotti & Rau we provide our clients the representation they deserve, answers to their questions and peace of mind, and we strive to attain exceptional results. If you feel you’ve had a less than positive experience with legal representation in the past, please allow us the opportunity to show you what top notch legal representation feels like.

Where is my attorney?

Lanzotti and Rau’s main office is located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Both Mr. Lanzotti and Mr. Rau are longtime community members who are highly invested in ensuring the continuing growth and success of their community and region. They regularly travel extensively throughout Southeast Missouri, serving the needs of their rapidly increasing client base.

I like my attorney, but most of the work is done by his staff.

At Lanzotti & Rau the majority of the work on your case will be done by the attorney you hire. We understand that there is a peace of mind in knowing the person who is handling the details of a case that can make all of the difference in your life is your attorney. We believe that you have come to us because you trust both our knowledge and expertise, and our empathy. Because we are a smaller firm, we have the capability to honor that trust, and you can rest assured that the attorney of your choice is taking care of every detail of your case.

Every time I call I get a different person to talk to.

There is nothing more frustrating than running a telephone maze every time you try to get information. Too often when dealing with larger firms, or firms with offices all over the state, all you can do is leave a message for a lawyer who never calls you back. The Lanzotti and Rau difference is that we don’t dodge your calls! At Lanzotti and Rau we strive for the client to be able to speak directly with the attorney handling their case.

My attorney takes forever to return my phone calls.

At Lanzotti & Rau we pride ourselves on responsiveness. On the occasion your attorney may be out of the office or in a conference and is unable to take your call, you can rest assured that he has received your message. Because we believe that your right to stay informed and up to date is an important part of the lawyer-client relationship, we go to great efforts to have all calls returned in a timely and professional manner.

I never know what is going on with my case.

One of our primary goals at Lanzotti and Rau is to make you feel completely comfortable in picking up the phone and calling us at any time. You can stay exactly as informed as you care to be. We’ll take regular calls to keep you in the loop as your case progresses, and make sure that you completely understand all of your options at every stage of the claim and litigation process. You may also be informed in writing. As the client, you have the right to know that your lawyers are fully informed and invested in your case at all times, and you should never feel that your lawyer doesn’t have time for you. At Lanzotti and Rau, no one gets shoved to the ‘backburner.’

How long will it take to get results?

At Lanzotti & Rau, we understand that often the most difficult part of litigation is the waiting. Knowing that many of our clients are usually not in a position to move forward with their lives until their legal issues are resolved, we strive to get results for our clients as quickly as possible. Often this will depend on how fast the other involved parties are processing information, but we can promise you that we strive that no lag time will ever be generated from our end of the process.

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