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Product Liability

Product Liability is the general name given those cases that hold designers, manufacturers, and sellers of defective products responsible for the harm their defective products cause to others. A “product” can be almost anything, from an automobile to a zippo lighter. The term “defective” may include flaws in the way a product is designed, manufactured, or marketed for use.

For a victim to prevail in a products case the injured party must show one or more of the following to true:

  1. A product design that makes it unreasonably dangerous.
  2. The product was manufactured with defects or flaws from intended specification.
  3. Marketing defect, which includes failure to warn, inadequate labeling and other hidden dangers.

What is a Product Liability Case Based On?

Product liability claims may be based on negligence, strict liability, even breach of warranty. Some cases involve all three components, but every case is different. Having talented attorneys who can help you decide the best way in which you can successfully present your case can make all of the difference in the outcome. In every product liability case the injured person will have to prove their injury was the result of a defective product.

Who is Involved?

In a product liability case (besides the manufacturer), other responsible parties may include distributors, retailers, repairers, assemblers, and part suppliers.

Have You Been Injured by a Defective Product?

It is very important if you feel you’re injured by a defective product that you act quickly. Preservation of evidence is invaluable in a product liability case. If possible, secure the defective product. This involves not letting anyone else touch it, and then keeping or finding the packaging the product came in. Most importantly, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

Successful Navigation of Complex Legal Issues

Successfully navigating a product liability case is difficult. Manufactures bring an army of lawyers to the defense of defective product claims. You need a law firm that will stand up to this challenge and fight for your rights. At Lanzotti & Rau we fight to help our clients get the compensation they are entitled to from their product liability case. We know this means standing up to the ‘big boys,’ and we ready, willing, and well-equipped to do so!

What Will it Cost Me?

Many product liability victims are concerned about the cost of hiring an attorney to handle their case. At Lanzotti & Rau we handle product liability cases on a contingent fee basis. This means that there is NO money up front, and there will be NO bill for attorney’s fees and/or expenses. We only get paid when you get paid! The contingent fee means that Lanzotti & Rau will be paid by a percentage of your case settlement. Obviously, this further motivates us to work hard to get the best possible results for you, our success is directly related to your success!

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