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Cape Girardeau Workers’ Compensation Legal Services
Cape Girardeau Workers’ Compensation Legal Services

Since 1926, the state of Missouri has had workers’ compensation laws to help protect those injured on the job. Claiming workers’ compensation benefits seems like a straight road but in reality, it’s far from simple due to the influence of many large insurance companies on the state workers’ comp laws. If you are a Cape Girardeau, Missouri worker who was injured on the job, make sure you trust in the right legal professionals to help get you the benefits you deserve so you can heal and move on. The experienced legal experts at Lanzotti & Rau are prepared to assist you with legal services to help you win your workers’ compensation claim.

How Are Workers’ Compensation Cases Handled?

Every workers’ compensation case must go through the Division of Workers’ Compensation, which has three participants:

  1. The injured worker
  2. The administrative law judge
  3. The insurance company

In these cases, the judges will not be looking to advocate for you, as it would be a violation of their job regulations. This means they do not have to make sure you’re getting all the benefits you’re entitled to by Missouri law. The insurance company, on the other hand, will certainly also not look out for you and will do everything they can to leave you with as little money as possible.

Importance of a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Missouri

Since two of the participants in the Division of Workers’ Compensation aren’t looking out for your best interests, the only person you have at the end of the day is yourself. If you’re not experienced in this section of the law, it’s very difficult to know the ins and outs to ensure you’re getting the best possible outcome that you deserve. If you’re looking to maximize your benefits, enlisting the help of an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is the best way to go about this process.

Get the Workers’ Compensation You Deserve

The expert lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau are fully equipped to help you pursue legal action to get compensation for any workplace injuries you’ve sustained. We offer no upfront fees and don’t charge for additional expenses, meaning we only get paid when you get paid. To learn more about our Cape Girardeau, Missouri legal services or to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 573-335-9300.

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