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When to Contact a Lawyer After an Accident

When to Contact a Lawyer After an Accident in Cape Girardeau Missouri


If you are involved in an accident — slip and fall, medical malpractice, or motor vehicle — and suffer a personal injury in Missouri, you may be owed compensation due to the other party’s negligence that resulted in your mental, emotional, or bodily harm. The damages that could be awarded to you could be significant if you react wisely to the situation. 

While you should always seek medical assistance immediately following an accident, the necessity of contacting a lawyer right away cannot be stressed enough. Failure to do so could limit your chances at receiving your full deserved compensation. Here are some additional reasons why contacting a lawyer after an accident is so important.

There May Be a Statute of Limitations on Claims

Depending the type of personal injury claim you are pursuing and the jurisdiction within which the accident took place, you could be up against a ticking clock known as a statute of limitations. In the state of Missouri, personal injury claims are subject to a statute of limitations that start at the date of your accidental injury. After a specific window of time expires, these statutes can bar you from filing any personal injury claims. 

Therefore, if you wait to start filing your claim, you could forfeit your chance at compensation for your pain and suffering. Don’t allow valuable time to be wasted. Be sure to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible after an accident.

Evidence Could Be Lost or Destroyed

A delay in contacting an attorney after an accident could allow time for the destruction of critical evidence that could help support your claim. For instance, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident, the involved vehicle could be repaired, the eyewitness testimony could be forgotten, and the skid marks could be cleared up by the time you get around to hiring professional legal representation. Therefore, the best time to get a personal injury lawyer working for you is right after you suffer your accidental injury. Doing so will ensure that nothing is missed and that you don’t speak to an insurance company and accidentally admit fault. 

You Could Get Nothing for Your Suffering

An injury suffered in an accident will take a toll on you in every aspect imaginable. In addition to costly medical bills, your injury can prevent you from performing daily activities such as driving, walking, or completing routine tasks. It could also limit your ability to perform your job — forcing you to take a leave of absence that may or may not be covered by your insurance. Furthermore, in your weakened state, you could re-injure yourself, which may complicate your recovery and claim progress. 

Such a reduction in your quality of life and income justifies compensation. Not having an attorney to represent your best interests can be detrimental to your livelihood following an accidental injury. 

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