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Common Personal Injury Cases in Missouri

Common Personal Injury Cases in Missouri


Personal injury claims are a regular practice among citizens. No one wants to sustain an injury due to another party’s negligence, and standard law procedure enables people to be rightly reinstated with compensation for someone else’s mistakes. For our clients, we will fight to ensure that you are not left behind or set back by an issue that was not your fault. Here are some of the most common personal injury cases we work with.

Vehicle Injuries

Wrongful injury at the hands of a vehicle is extremely common and can happen to anyone. Whether from car accidents, truck mishaps, or motorcycle incidents, there is always a case to be made and reparations to be met if you are seriously harmed. Severe injuries such as broken bones, concussions, and even deaths can result from another driver’s failings, and you should not be liable for their mistakes.

Medical Issues

You can also submit a personal injury claim if you receive ill treatment due to medical practice or medication. Whether you suffer from a poorly-done surgery or side effects not sufficiently explained, you can make a case that medical malpractice is at stake. This is in place so that you can be protected from unfortunate accidents outside of your control.

Miscellaneous Incidents

Any other random incident that causes an injury can be filed under a personal injury claim. Freak accidents happen on a regular basis, and it should not be your job to pay for inflicted costs based off of the mistakes of an outside entity. Items falling from construction sites, unsafe walking spaces, and other hazards can be covered under this umbrella.

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