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Motorcycle accident Lawyer in Cape Girardeau

Motorcycle Accidents

Although they share the same roads as cars and trucks, motorcycles are viewed differently by insurance companies and courts when they are involved in accidents. That’s because motorcycle accidents often result in much more catastrophic injuries and loss of life. Fortunately, the attorneys at Lanzotti & Rau are experienced in motorcycle accident cases and are ready to help you pick up the pieces should you or a loved one suffer a devastating motorcycle accident injury. 

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

In the event of a motorcycle crash or collision, it is imperative for injured riders to seek legal representation as soon as possible, as it can be difficult to claim compensation for injuries or motorcycle damages without the help of a professional attorney. At Lanzotti & Rau, we have a proven track record of success in motorcycle accident cases. Once we decide to pursue a motorcycle accident case, we work tirelessly and with an intense focus to help you receive compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered. While you recuperate and get back on the road to recovery, we are busy building your case and working toward your goal.

Our Contingent Fee Policy

At Lanzotti & Rau, our motorcycle accident cases are handled on a contingent fee basis, meaning that attorney fees are paid only when a settlement or verdict is obtained on your behalf. There is NO money collected up front and NO bill for attorney’s fees and/or expenses. Lanzotti & Rau will be paid by a percentage of your case that is approved by a Court of Law. Simply put, we won’t get paid until you do. This policy motivates us to work hard toward a successful outcome for you and your family.

Focused and Prepared Legal Representation

The other party involved in your motorcycle accident is likely already preparing their case against you, so don’t hesitate to do the same. At Lanzotti & Rau, our competent and seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys will determine the facts of your case, prepare a steadfast defense that represents your best interests, and go after the fair compensation you deserve. 

Remember, the initial consultation for any potential motorcycle accident case at Lanzotti & Rau is free, so you have nothing to lose. Spending just a few moments of your time speaking to one of our attorneys can make an impact on the rest of your life. Reach out to Lanzotti & Rau for a free initial consultation and get started on recovering compensation for your motorcycle accident-related pain and suffering. 

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