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Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer


If you’re involved in an accident, you may find yourself dealing with an influx of medical bills combined with an inability to work due to your injuries. While in theory it should be simple to get the compensation you deserve when the accident was caused by somebody other than yourself, but it is rarely as easy as it sounds.

There are numerous factors that go into a successful accident claim that only somebody with specialized legal knowledge can navigate successfully. Our attorneys are trained professionals who are skilled at working with insurance companies and leveling the playing field.

Here are just a few reasons why it is in your best interest to work with a competent personal injury lawyer following an accident.

Support and Guidance through the Legal Process

The law tends to be complex, and navigating the legal system can be intimidating. Missing deadlines or misinterpreting information can lead to lengthy delays to your case, which means delays in obtaining compensation. Our lawyers are familiar with Missouri law and how to handle insurance companies, as well as the best avenues to pursue in order to obtain the most compensation possible.

We Fully Investigate your Claim

A successful personal injury claim is dependent on successfully proving another person’s negligence. There are times when that negligence is obvious, but it is often difficult to prove. We will launch a thorough investigation of your accident to uncover facts and information that will help us hold the negligent party accountable.

We Keep your Best Interests at Heart

Many personal injury cases, especially those involving a car accident, deal with insurance companies that only have their bottom line as a priority. They aren’t in the business of looking after your best interests, and their focus is on making money, not paying it out.

It can be tempting to accept a settlement offer from an insurance company to shorten the end of your case, but we strongly advise speaking with one of our lawyers before taking action. Your consultation is free, and our attorneys can review your case, help you understand what an appropriate value for your case is, and help negotiate a fair amount from the insurance company.

We Level the Playing Field

Insurance companies have deep rosters of lawyers that are dedicated to helping prevent claims payouts, so it makes sense that you should have an attorney in your corner to ensure you are treated fairly. You should be able to focus on recovery while letting your attorney handle the rest.

Lanzotti & Rau has been fighting for personal injury victims with decades of combined experience, and we pride ourselves on aggressively representing individuals all throughout Missouri in order to recover the maximum amount of compensation for our clients. To speak with an attorney or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 573.335.9300.