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Who Is Liable in a Weather-Related Car Accident

Who Is Liable in a Weather-Related Car Accident

Getting into a weather-related car accident can induce a serious amount of stress for all those who were involved. Not only is the accident itself a jarring experience, but the aftermath of having to make payments related to potential damages and recovery can be overwhelming and taxing. Though many can understand that drivers involved in a weather-related car accidents are not entirely to blame, especially if the conditions hindered their ability to make quick judgments, a majority of insurance companies often still assign fault to the driver of the vehicle that initiated impact. The following information provides more insight as to why drivers are often held liable for accidents that occur in bad weather. 

Driver Liability in Weather-Related Car Accidents

When a driver decides to get behind the wheel and drive in questionable/dangerous weather conditions, they must exercise even more caution than they normally would if they happened to be driving during normal and preferable circumstances. The rules of the road still apply to drivers, no matter the external conditions. For example, if a driver were to rear end a car in front of theirs while rain is pouring down and obscuring their vision, the poor weather will likely not be accepted as an excuse for the accident. This is because the driver responsible for the accident should have exercised more precautions to avoid bumping into the car in front of them. 

The liability of a driver is often influenced by the following decisions made while driving during undesirable weather conditions:

  1. Driver was not fully focused on the road
  2. Driver was not maintaining proper speeds
  3. Driver did not have hazard lights/headlights on
  4. Driver was not maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of them
  5. Driver knew before operating the vehicle that the weather they would be driving in was not desirable

Exercising Caution When Driving in Undesirable Weather

For drivers that find themselves having to drive in undesirable weather conditions such as rain, snow, etc, the following tips will provide some precautionary measures that could prevent accidents from occurring.

  1. Do not speed, abide by the posted speed limits
  2. Maintain a safe distance from other cars
  3. Ensure your headlights are on
  4. Keep your eyes on the road at all times
  5. Consider waiting for the bad weather to pass before getting behind the wheel and driving
  6. Park your car in a safe spot and wait to drive until you feel more comfortable and alert, or the weather becomes more desirable

Expert Legal Help for Weather-Related Car Accidents

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