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What Should I Include in My Workers Comp Application?

What Should I Include in My Workers Comp Application?

If your on-the-job injury prevents you from working for a living or completing routine daily tasks, then it’s time to apply for workers’ compensation. As an employee, you’re guaranteed benefits to help financially support you through your difficult recovery process.

However, workers’ compensation applications can be complicated. When filing your workers’ comp application, you should know what you need to provide in order to ensure your claim is approved in a timely manner. Here are some helpful items to include when filling out your workers’ compensation application.

Workers’ Compensation Application Must-Haves

A successful workers’ compensation application should contain:

  • Details About the Accident

    Documented details of the events surrounding your workplace injury are some of the most important aspects to include on your workers’ comp application. The more specific you can be, the more likely it will be approved. Be sure to include the date, time, location and extent of the injury. If there are any witnesses to the accident, they should be listed on the form. Witnesses could be called in later to testify at a hearing.

  • Evidence About the Accident

    In addition to providing testimony, having evidence to support it will strengthen your application. Medical records from an approved physician as well as any medical bills you incurred will prove you sought treatment for your workplace injury. Paystubs from the time of your injury will also help determine the appropriate amount of compensation you could qualify for. However, photos and videos of the accident provide the strongest evidence.

Evidence is usually submitted before the hearing so it can be discussed during the process. Documents turned in after the application is filed may not be accepted in court. It’s a good idea to submit as much evidence as possible at this stage, so you have a strong argument for workers’ compensation.

  • Employer-Required Forms

    These forms are usually provided by your employer and get sent to the employer’s insurance company and the state’s agency. The information collected includes details about the injury, including where and when it happened, and extent of the injury. State agencies can provide additional information and assistance when filling out employer-required forms.

After the details, evidence, and forms are collected, make copies as all of this information will be submitted to an administrative law judge for hearings and resolution. If you are unsatisfied with the result of your case, you may have to re-file and go through all these steps again with the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. To help you navigate the hearing and appeals process, it is recommended that you hire an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer.

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