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What Is the Average Car Accident Settlement in Missouri?

What Is the Average Car Accident Settlement in Missouri?

If you’ve been in a Missouri car accident, you may be entitled to a settlement. These accidents can result in physical and psychological damage, and you may not be able to work while you recover. The average settlement payout of a car accident in Missouri is dependent on a number of factors, including severity, damages, resulting injuries, and lost wages. While there isn’t a fixed amount, there are averages of what your car accident settlement could be.

Average Missouri Car Accident Settlement Without Injuries

Many car accidents are simply fender benders where there is no serious harm done to either party, and the biggest damages are to the vehicles. Since there may be no injuries and no medical bills involved, these cases will settle for a smaller amount than a major accident.

The average settlement in Missouri for a minor car accident is between $3,000–$15,000. In this case, the amount of damage caused and the type of vehicle involved are the main considerations in determining the settlement amount. Missouri law allows defendants to receive compensation for repairs or replacement parts, so those bills may factor in as well.

Average Missouri Car Accident Settlement With Injuries

A major car accident can result in serious injury or even death. As a result, such an accident will produce a much different range of settlements. There are also a few more factors that play into this type of car accident. Physical pain and suffering, as well as the severity of your injuries, are two of the most important factors. Car accident claims can be strengthened by including medical bills that resulted from injuries sustained in the accident.

Missouri law also allows defendants to receive compensation for loss of income in the event their injuries cause them to miss work. Driving under the influence, without a license, or other cases of negligence are another factor that could increase settlement benefits. Overall, a major car accident settlement in Missouri can range from $15,000 up to more than $1 million if injuries are sustained.

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers in Missouri

Car accident claims can be complex. Since there’s so much at stake, you’ll want a lawyer with experience who’s not afraid to fight for your maximum amount of benefits. Fortunately, the lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau are ready to pursue aggressive legal action to receive compensation for your Missouri car accident injury.

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