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What Does a Guardian ad Litem Do in Missouri?

What Does a Guardian ad Litem Do in Missouri?

If you’re facing a child custody case in Missouri, you may have had a Guardian ad Litem assigned to your child. These attorneys are a crucial part of family court. Here’s what a Guardian ad Litem does for your case.

What Is a Guardian ad Litem?

In Missouri, a Guardian ad Litem is assigned to every child custody case. They are there to determine what is best for the child. Though they’re assigned to your child, the Guardian ad Litem is not their lawyer. They don’t have to keep communication confidential, and they don’t have to follow the child’s preferences. Instead, they investigate the case from the child’s perspective and recommend solutions to the judge. They also ensure the child is well-informed and understands each court proceeding.

Guardian ad Litem Missouri Duties

The Guardian ad Litem must handle several responsibilities throughout the child custody case. They’ll conduct several face-to-face interviews with the child to determine their development and well-being. The Guardian ad Litem can also interview parents and any other adults that contribute to the welfare of the child. They have access to evidence throughout the case and can examine, cross-examine, subpoena witnesses, and offer testimony in court. During the negotiation phase, the Guardian ad Litem can participate when appropriate to advocate for the child’s needs.

A Guardian ad Litem Missouri professional will work with the child until the parents come to an agreement or the judge decides the Missouri family court case, including during the appeals process. The Guardian ad Litem will also make sure any court orders are complied with to ensure the child has the best care possible.

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