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What Do I Do If I Have a Minor Car Accident?

What Do I Do If I Have a Minor Car Accident?


Any car accident, minor or severe, can weaken your personal and mental health. After a minor car accident, you may be tempted to drive away if there were no damages or injuries; however, there are certain things you must do to avoid penalty and ensure you get compensated for any injuries or fallout that is discovered down the road. Here is what you should do after a minor car accident.

What to Do After a Minor Car Accident

  • Call the police

    The first thing you should do is call the police. Whether the accident was severe or minor, the best practice is to contact the police to document what happened or file a police report.

  • Document everything

    Even if you were in a minor car accident with no injuries or damages, you should still exchange information with the other driver and take pictures of the cars involved at the scene. Some injuries take time to show up on your car or body. Keeping proper documentation can help you when the insurance companies have to decide who is responsible for paying the damages.

  • Contact your insurance

    You should always contact your insurance company when you are in a car accident, minor or severe. Your insurance company will work with the other party’s insurance to have all the details and ensure your claim gets processed with no delay. Two claims you can file for a minor car accident are for vehicle damage and injury.

    • Vehicle damage

      If your car’s damages are more than your deductible, you can file for a collision claim. You can also file a claim with the other party’s insurance if they caused the accident.

    • Injuries

      Even if no one appears hurt, you should file a claim for minor injuries as some injuries can show hours or days later. Although some wounds may seem small, they could be severe or last for weeks. Filing a claim can ensure you get financial compensation for your medical expenses.

  • Get an attorney involved

    Insurance companies will never hand you money without giving you a hassle. Hiring an experienced lawyer will help you to compile information, evidence, medical records, and documentation to properly file your minor car accident claim.

Your Expert Missouri Minor Car Accident Lawyers

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