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Vehicle-Bicycle Accidents

Vehicle-Bicycle Accidents


Accidents on the road are rarely simple and never identical, but there are still some overarching actions to properly address any collision: inform authorities, gather evidence, and seek legal assistance. However, when an auto accident only involves one automobile, there may be an entirely different set of rules to reveal who’s really at fault.

Accidents Involving Your Car

States typically require drivers to provide three feet of space between their automobile and any cyclist when they are approaching, passing, or driving next to him or her. Motorists are liable for car-bicycle accidents in which the driver fails to provide adequate space for the cyclist to safely avoid obstacles. Similarly, motorists are liable for causing collisions while making right turns without inspecting the area for incoming cyclists.

The rules of the road are designed to offset the imbalance of safety between motorists and cyclists, but there are situations in which the cyclist may be found at fault for an accident. If a cyclist negligently pulls out in front of your vehicle or otherwise obstructs your right-of-way, you have the right to seek compensation for any damage to your vehicle or person. But, you may have a harder time seeking repayment when taking on a vehicle-bicycle claim on your own.

Accidents Involving Your Bike

Many states treat bicycles as a vehicle; therefore, cyclists must always operate within road rules and refrain from making decisions without the right-of-way. Generally, states require cyclists to keep to the far right side of the road when sharing a two-way street with moving motor vehicles. If there is a bike lane, cyclists must remain inside the designated lane unless they’re:

  • making a left turn
  • cycling at the speed of traffic
  • moving to avoid roadway hazards

As a cyclist who’s not at fault, you’ll have options for how to pursue compensation, including a third party claim or personal injury lawsuit. But although the court may act fairly based on the information presented, you may end up with less than you deserve without strong legal representation. Likewise, if you address action without representation, both your and the at-fault driver’s insurance company may offer a low settlement and leave you with out-of-pocket expenses for your injuries and damage.

Legal Assistance for Any Accident

Regardless of what type of vehicle you or the other driver were operating, you deserve compensation if you were not at-fault. That’s why the experienced legal team at Lanzotti & Rau LLC practices both auto accident and personal injury law to protect the rights of everyone on the road. To schedule a free case evaluation, visit our website or call us today at 573-335-9300.