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Understanding Medical Bills and Expenses After a Car Accident

Understanding Medical Bills and Expenses After a Car Accident

Half of the number of annual traffic accidents result in serious injuries that often develop into long-term disabilities. With serious injuries come serious medical expenses that you, or someone you know, may not be able to cover. If you were involved in a car accident, here are some ways to make sense of any car accident medical expenses you may be facing.

Navigating Health Insurance vs. Car Insurance

Your health insurance will typically be first to receive the bill for your car-accident medical expenses. During this time, they expect to be compensated for however much they pay, and this will need to come from the driver-at-fault’s car insurance.

It is important to consider that a car insurance company can take weeks to review and reimburse your car-accident medical expenses. And even then, car insurance is liable for paying only up to its policy limits, which can make you or the party at-fault responsible for paying the rest.

To ensure you are reimbursed as fairly as possible, be sure to collect receipts from the hospital, doctor’s office, and/or pharmacy for treatment or medication resulting from the accident and show them to the at-fault party’s auto insurance provider.

If you are without health insurance, you will be forced to pay out-of-pocket for any car-accident medical expenses. If you live in an at-fault state, the car insurance company of the responsible driver will still be expected to reimburse you for whatever expenses you paid.

Know Your State Laws

Car accidents are categorized as at-fault or no-fault depending on which state you reside. For those living in states with no-fault policies, personal injury protection pays for whatever medical expenses you may incur from the accident, despite who is at fault.

However, in at-fault states, like Missouri, driving residents are required to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. Therefore, the car insurance provider for the at-fault party is responsible for reimbursing whatever medical expenses your health insurance incurs for the accident.

The Best Way to Handle Car Accident Medical Expenses

Instead of waiting days, weeks, months for car insurance to pay you back only to leave you or your health insurance shorthanded, rely on legal professionals to fight for the money you are owed and deserve. Insurance companies are always aiming to spend as little money as possible. An experienced car accident lawyer possesses the expertise to guide you toward the best steps to get the compensation you need for the suffering you endured.

Trusted Car Accident Lawyers That Represent You, Not Insurance Companies

For decades, the attorneys at Lanzotti & Rau have fought for and successfully led injured victims in the Southeastern Missouri area to receive the just amount of pay for their car-accident medical expenses. We do not require upfront costs or charge hidden fees, and we only get paid when you do.

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