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Things to Know About Going to The Emergency Room After An Accident

Things to Know About Going to The Emergency Room After An Accident


Though we hear stories from time to time about people we know getting in a freak accident and being rushed to the emergency room, we never expect something similar to happen to us. The ER might seem like more of a reality on TV shows than in your life, but thousands of car accidents happen every day, and it is entirely possible that any of us could be injured. And, given the serious nature of a car collision, you could find yourself in the emergency room for treatment. Here are some things you should know about going to the ER after an accident.

  1. It’s Expensive

The emergency room is reserved specifically for examining and rapidly treating those in critical conditions. So, this is where many people who are involved with car accidents end up. Because of the speedy care and significant procedures you get in the emergency room, you can expect to leave the hospital with a large bill.

  1. Sign Carefully

When you go to the emergency room, you’ll be given a lot of different forms to sign, often before they can begin treating you. However, most people are a bit out of sorts when they’ve recently been injured in an accident, so it’s important to make an effort to review everything you sign before you sign it so you don’t end up in hot water later.

  1. Be Thorough

Make sure you tell your doctors and nurses about all the different areas where you have pain. Even if something seems relatively minor at the moment, the smallest issues could worsen over time and become chronic, so it’s important to alert doctors and nurses of any potential problem areas. This will also help when it comes to proving that your chronic pain resulted from an auto accident in the future as well.

  1. The Nurse’s Report Matters

The statements in your medical records play a role in proving whose fault the accident was, so be careful what you’re telling people to write down in your medical records. If you’re going to talk about the accident, keep it clear and concise so you don’t have to worry about being misquoted or paraphrased. Accurate or inaccurate, it doesn’t matter – the court will treat the medical record as reliable, so you have to live with whatever the nurse writes down.

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