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4 Things Not to Say to Your Workmans Comp Doctor

4 Things Not to Say to Your Workmans’ Comp Doctor

An independent medical exam, or IME, is required to verify your injuries in a workmans comp case. What you say during your IME could be crucial in determining your settlement. Here are a few things not to say to your doctor during your IME.

Things That Could Affect Your Workmans Comp Settlement

  1. Lying About Your Symptoms

    Omitting details from the accident or leaving out prior injuries are two common lies patients will try to tell their doctors, and lying about your injury is one of the most damaging things you can do to your case. The doctor will write down everything you tell them, and those notes will be cross-referenced with all the other paperwork during your claims process. If things don’t add up, the insurance company will see you’re lying and could reduce or cancel your claim.

  2. Exaggerating Your Symptoms

    Exaggeration is just as harmful as lying. You will want to make sure your doctor understands that you’re in pain, but you must be truthful about your symptoms. Doctors have the equipment and ability to test the symptoms you claim, and it will reflect poorly if those tests come out negative.

  3. Speaking Negatively About Your Employer

    Feeling upset with your employer after a work-related injury is easy and understandable. While you may want to talk badly about them to your doctor, it’s best if you don’t. You want the doctor to be on your side, and trashing your employer could tarnish your reputation.

  4. Being Rude

Your doctor will have many questions for you during the exam, and it’s possible you may feel like they’re not on your side. However, at the end of the day, they’re trying to get to the truth of the accident. Regardless if you are frustrated or in pain, rudeness could come across as hostility, and the doctor will be less inclined to work with you on the claim.

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