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Steps to Take After Your Child Is Injured in a School Bus Accident

Steps to Take After Your Child Is Injured in a School Bus Accident


When your kid rides a school bus, the last thing you expect is that he/she will get involved in an accident. This is understandable since this mode of transportation is seven times safer than passengers’ vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, regardless of such safety reports, between 4–6 children die in school bus accidents every year in the U.S. — not the most reassuring fact to know. 

If your child is injured in a school bus accident, you should take the following steps to protect their legal rights.

Step #1: Seek Medical Treatment

The first step you must take after your child is injured in a school bus accident is to make sure they are medically treated. No matter how minor the injuries are, you must follow up with a doctor for a full medical evaluation. This step helps to generate a comprehensive medical record on the injuries sustained by your child. More importantly, the wellbeing of your child should always on top of your list. By having your child examined by professional medical personnel, they’ll get the attention they need to heal faster and better. Medical records also come in handy during claim compensation in determining the severity, nature, and relationship of the sustained injuries to the accident.

Step #2: Document Any Information You May Have on the Accident

Sometimes details about school bus accidents tend to disappear. No one wants to be held accountable and the perpetrators may tend to interfere with the evidence. This can significantly interfere with your compensation claim. In order to protect your child’s legal rights to the fullest, you need to preserve the information received from the school district concerning the accidents. Make sure you get an official statement from relevant authorities and police reports. Getting an eyewitness account is also beneficial.

Step #3: Document Injuries and the Child’s Healing Process

If you wish to pursue a compensation claim for your child, you will need to document their injuries and their healing process. After being treated by a doctor, you should make sure to take a few pictures of their healing injuries. In personal injury cases, visual aids can actually increase your odds for better compensation. Additionally, since the accidents involve a child, the photos can elicit favorable sympathy from the jury or the judge. Remember to also evaluate your child’s healing process. Document how the accident is affecting them emotionally and physically. Some of the things to look out for include:

  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Depression
  • Physical pains


Write down all of the relevant issues as they may serve as evidence in your child’s personal injury claim.

Step #4: Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

Contacting an auto accident lawyer when pursuing compensation for a child who is involved in a school bus accident is the most crucial step. 

An experienced auto accident attorney will:

  • know how much the claim is worth
  • always improve your odds for a good compensation
  • be well-versed on legal matters and the procedures involved
  • help you take the case to trial if an outside court settlement fails 
  • be bound by oath to be their client’s voice
  • always be motivated to help

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