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5 Signs You Need to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Workers’ Comp Lawyer


If you’ve been injured on the job, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. These life-saving payments can help put you and your family at ease both financially and emotionally while you recover. However, workers’ comp isn’t just given to you. A successful workers’ compensation claim requires the legal assistance of experienced workmans comp lawyers.

Reasons to Hire a Workmans Comp Lawyer

Here are some signs that you need to hire a workmans comp lawyer for your case.

  1. Your Employer Denies Your Claim and/or Retaliates


    If a work-related injury goes unreported but worsens over time, your employer may dispute it and say your injury happened elsewhere. Similarly, some employers may try to retaliate against you for filing a claim by demoting or firing you. Both acts are serious and require legal action as soon as possible.

  2. Your Claim Is Delayed


    A work-related injury should be reported right away to make the process move as fast as possible. However, insurance providers or employers may drag their feet as long as possible to reduce your payment. Reporting an injury should only take about 30 days. Any longer than that, and you should consult with a workers’ comp lawyer.

  3. Your Settlement Doesn’t Cover Everything


    The amount of workers’ comp you receive depends on your disability status and is meant to cover your medical bills and lost wages. Employers and insurance companies can dispute your status and potentially only cover you for part of what you deserve. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than maximum coverage, and an attorney on your side will help you fight for your full payment.

  4. You Plan to or Currently Receive Social Security Benefits


    Government benefits help in the short-term, but they can reduce your workers’ comp amount. A workmans comp lawyer will know how to reduce your claim’s impact on SSI benefits and offset this loss.

  5. Your Initial Claim Was Denied

Many workers’ comp claims get denied the first time for several reasons. If your claim is denied, it must go through a long and complicated appeals process which involves a mountain of paperwork. An experienced workmans comp lawyer is key to winning your appeal and getting your due benefits.

Missouri’s Experienced Workmans Comp Lawyers

The workers’ comp lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau are ready to pursue legal action on your behalf so you can receive compensation for your on-the-job injury. If you want to learn more about our workers’ compensation legal services or how we handle our cases, schedule a free consultation by calling 573-335-9300.