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Mediation vs. Litigation: Choosing the Right Path for Your Personal Injury Case

Mediation vs. Litigation: Choosing the Right Path for Your Personal Injury Case

Every personal injury case is unique, and there isn’t a single “right” way to settle a claim. Two of the most common methods for resolving legal disputes are litigation and mediation. It’s important to understand each process, so you can choose the path that’s right for your personal injury case. Here are some of the specifics on mediation vs. litigation.

The Basics of Mediation vs. Litigation

  • Litigation

    A term for court proceedings, litigation is the most common way to settle a personal injury case. Litigation typically requires a personal injury attorney to argue on your behalf and build the strongest possible case for your personal injury claim. A more formal way of resolving the dispute than mediation, litigation can take a significant amount of time; therefore, it may be months or even years before your case is settled. However, litigation is also the path that will provide the strongest outcomes.

  • Mediation

    Another technique for resolving your personal injury claim, mediation involves an impartial third party who helps both parties come to an agreement on how to settle the case. Mediation is much more informal than litigation because it doesn’t follow formal rules and regulations. Since fewer legal processes are involved, mediation requires less time to settle and provides a higher degree of flexibility. It’s important to remember, however, that mediation comes with a higher degree of uncertainty. Since there isn’t a specified process needed to settle, the dispute could last longer or become more complicated.

Mediation vs. Litigation: Which Is Better for My Personal Injury Case?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which route is better for settling your personal injury case. Litigation is better suited for cases that need a quick and decisive settlement, but if you have flexibility and are willing to collaborate and compromise, then mediation might be your best bet.

Regardless, hiring a professional personal injury lawyer will help you strengthen your claim and get you the best possible results. That’s why if you’ve been affected by a personal injury in Missouri, you should rely on the professionals at Lanzotti & Rau.

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