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How to Handle the Social Security Disability Reconsideration Process

How to Handle the Social Security Disability Reconsideration Process

Social Security disability (SSD/SSI) benefits can help if you can’t work due to a medical condition, but the majority of SSI claims are rejected when they’re initially filed. The first step in appealing is the reconsideration process where you can present new evidence to strengthen your SSI claim.

Here are a few tips on handling the Social Security disability reconsideration process and receiving SSI reconsideration approval.

SSI Reconsideration Approval Tips

  • Be Timely

    The Social Security disability reconsideration process can take anywhere from three to five months, so it is important to start this process as soon as you can. Once you receive the decision on your initial claim, you have 60 days to begin the appeal. Try to send in your reconsideration as soon as you can so deliberation can begin and so you can receive your benefits sooner.

  • Be Thorough

    The person who reviews your Social Security disability reconsideration is bound to the same laws as the initial reviewer, which means your initial claim was likely denied because there wasn’t enough information. The decision letter will tell you why your initial claim was denied. It’s a good idea to review the original decision and find if any information was left out.

Make sure all your forms are up to date with the latest information. You should provide any new medical information, including doctor’s visits, new treatments, and work you’ve performed. A letter from a medical professional explaining why you qualify for disability benefits can also strengthen your case.

  • Hire an Attorney

    The Social Security disability reconsideration process can be difficult and confusing to navigate alone. Not only does hiring a disability lawyer allow you to better understand the process, but the chances of you winning your claim increase.

Studies have shown that claimants with a disability lawyer are up to three times more likely to have a successful claim. Plus, an experienced attorney will be able to help you look through the paperwork and determine if anything is missing. That way your claim can be submitted and approved faster, and you can begin receiving the benefits you deserve.

Southeastern Missouri’s SSI Reconsideration Approval Experts

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