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How Much Is the Average Cost of a Truck Accident?

How Much Is the Average Cost of a Truck Accident?

Nothing is worse than getting into an accident with a commercial truck. An 18-wheeler can cause severe damage to you and your car, with some accidents resulting in fatalities. This accident leaves the victim with an endless list of payments and dealing with the traumatic event. Victims of truck accidents should know that they do not need to take this burden alone. Consider hiring a lawyer to represent you and fight for your case to alleviate the stress of figuring out the cost of a truck accident.

The Costs of a Truck Accident

There are direct and indirect costs that affect the victims of a truck accident. While the average cost of a truck accident can total in the tens of thousands, the precise amount depends on the size of the vehicle (medium- or heavy-sized truck), whether the truck driver followed regulations and the severity of your injuries. Here are a few of the costs truck accident victims must deal with:

Direct Costs

  • Vehicle repair

    If your car is over 70% damaged, your insurance considers your car to be a total loss. Most accident damage is repairable but replacing a major piece can cost you over $1,000 and may not leave your car feeling or running the same as before.

  • Medical bills

    The medical cost of a truck accident is expensive. From a broken leg to internal injuries that require multiple surgeries, many truck accident victims leave the hospital with bills ranging from $2,500 to over $10,000. Other costs include the ambulance ride, exams, scans, therapy, and recovery items such as crutches and wheelchairs.

Indirect Costs

  • Insurance deductibles

    While your health and car insurance can help cover much of the direct medical and vehicle costs, after you reach your deductible, your insurance may not cover all of your bills if it’s outside of your Personal Injury Policy.

  • Lost wages

    Victims of a truck accident can miss work due to a lack of transportation or a severe injury. Lost wages are considered economic damages and can encompass past, present, and future lost wages.

  • Mental and physical costs

    The lasting, post-accident trauma that results from a truck accident can take a heavy toll on a victim. Oftentimes, truck accident victims are so severely traumatized that they can not sit in a vehicle, let alone drive one, for an extended period of time. Furthermore, dealing with insurance paperwork and filing a claim on your own can be mentally taxing and cost you time and stress if done on your own.

The Importance of Hiring Truck Accident Legal Services

Because each cost varies from case to case, there’s no definitive cost to a truck accident. And while you can’t put a price tag on the mental and physical damage that truck accident victims go through, you can put a timer on how you respond to a truck accident because the trucking company’s field investigators will quickly collect evidence to build their case against you. Therefore, if you’re the victim of a truck accident, don’t hesitate to contact the expert team of personal injury and truck accident lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau.

Expert Truck Accident Attorneys in the Southeastern Missouri Area

The sooner you team up with our experienced truck accident attorneys at Lanzotti & Rau, the faster we can gather critical evidence to successfully represent you and get you the compensation you deserve. If you want to learn more about our legal services or how we handle truck accident injury cases, call us today to schedule a free case evaluation at 573-335-9300.