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How Much Does a Personal Attorney Cost?

How Much Does a Personal Attorney Cost?

Any time that you need the help of a lawyer is a stressful time. Events come up where professional help is needed to establish justice, but it is not often an enjoyable circumstance. Whatever your situation may be, the last thing you want is a confusing and cynical pay structure where you do not know what you are paying for. To give some insight into the rates and common legal fee structures, here are some notes on how much a personal attorney may cost you.

Location Is Important

When you look at hiring an attorney, the location of their work plays a crucial part in their rates. Most lawyers charge an hourly rate for their services, and being in a high-demand location can drive these prices skyward. A small-town lawyer might only charge $100–$200 per hour of their work, but an attorney in a larger city may require double that amount. It is important to know where you are when considering which attorney to hire.

Contingency and Flat Fees

Despite the dangers of hidden fees, there are some payment structures that benefit the customer. Contingency fees are meant to protect the client, as they ensure that the lawyer is only paid once the case has been won. In this scenario, the lawyer will receive a previously-agreed percentage of the settlements. Another common route is the flat fee, used in simple and regular cases. For situations like divorce, patents, or immigration where the outcomes are clear-cut, the lawyer will often charge a single cost up front that allows you to see what you are getting into, helping you budget.

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