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How Do I Get Temporary Disability in Missouri?

How Do I Get Temporary Disability in Missouri?

If you’ve been injured or are suffering from an illness and are unable to work, you may qualify for temporary disability in Missouri. This state-run program provides monthly payments to help cover medical bills and other expenses until you’re back on your feet. Here’s how you can apply for these short term disability Missouri benefits.

Temporary Disability in Missouri Requirements

Temporary disability payments can provide you with while you recover and get back on the job. Some of the requirements for qualification include:

  • You must have suffered an injury or illness on the job that leaves you unable to work, even in a modified capacity
  • You must have worked at least 20 hours in the month before the incident
  • You must be able to return to work within a year

Additionally, there are some restrictions on temporary disability benefits. Some of the exclusions state:

  • You cannot already receive Social Security Disability benefits, long-term disability payments, or compensation for unemployment.
  • You cannot receive workers’ compensation in addition to your temporary disability

Applying for Short-Term Disability in Missouri

The temporary disability program in Missouri is processed with the Social Security Administration. In your application, you’ll explain the injury or illness that has left you unable to work. You’ll also want to provide evidence that you need financial support, including medical bills or other finances. The more evidence you have, the more likely you’ll be approved for the program.

Hiring a Social Security Lawyer

While the temporary disability process may seem simple, it can quickly get complicated. Most temporary disability claims are initially denied, meaning you’ll have to go through an appeals process. If you don’t know the ins and outs of disability law, there’s a chance you won’t receive the payment you deserve. That’s why it’s a good idea to have legal representation throughout your case. An experienced Social Security lawyer will be able to put their expertise to use and get you your maximum benefits as quickly as possible.

Short-Term Disability Missouri Experts

The lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau can help you pursue legal action to receive compensation for your disability. We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only get paid if we win your case. To learn more about our legal services, schedule a free consultation today at 573-335-9300.