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First Steps After a Workplace Accident

First Steps After a Workplace Accident


Nearly every employer is required by law to provide insurance for their employees that covers both parties in the event of a workplace accident. Such coverage is known as workers’ compensation insurance. If you become injured while on the job, here are the first steps you should take to ensure you receive proper care and compensation after a workplace accident.

Step 1: Attend to Your Injury

The first thing you should do after suffering any type of injury at work is to make sure you’re okay. Assess the severity of your injury and call for help, if necessary. If your injury requires medical assistance, your boss and co-workers will make sure you are taken care of by contacting medical personnel and notifying your family.

Step 2: Know Your Coverage

Your workers’ compensation depends on your employment status. If you’re a full- or part-time employee for a company, then you should be covered. However, independent contractors and freelancers are considered non-employees and are usually not covered. Businesses like to hire independent contractors in order to avoid paying for benefits. Make sure you know your employment status and coverage before filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Step 3: Recall Your Workplace Accident

Your injury must meet specific criteria to be considered work-related and therefore be eligible for any compensation. Before filing a workers’ compensation claim, remember the details of your accident and be sure that you were carrying out work duties when you were injured. Your employer’s insurance company will do everything it can to reduce your compensation. Try and recall whether or not you were on a lunch break when the accident happened or if drugs or alcohol was involved. Any physical or mental impairment on your behalf can result in a denial of your claim and risk a potential counter-suit.

Step 4: Hire an Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorney

If you’ve sustained injuries during a workplace accident, it is best to consult with an experienced attorney in order to maximize your compensation and avoid litigation. The team here at Lanzotti & Rau can help you figure out if your injury is covered and assist you with filing your workers’ compensation claim. Call us today at 573-335-9300 to schedule a consultation and get the compensation you rightly deserve.