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Do Minor Car Accidents Affect Insurance?

Do Minor Car Accidents Affect Insurance?

A minor car accident may only last a few seconds, but its impacts can last years. Aside from personal injury, one of the biggest driver concerns is what happens to insurance rates after a crash. While you should expect your rate to go up if you’re at fault, the rate of increase depends on your state and policy. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect if you’ve been in a minor car accident in Missouri.

Missouri Insurance Rates After a Minor Car Accident

There are several factors that affect your insurance rate after a minor car crash. In Missouri, at-fault drivers can see anywhere from a 36%-37% insurance rate increase when they cause a minor car accident. These accidents will stay on your record for three years, so it can be a while before you see that surcharge go down.

If you’re not at fault, there’s a good chance your insurance rate will stay the same. Certain accidents like hit-and-runs are automatically covered. To prove you weren’t at fault in the accident, your insurance company will likely require documentation from the scene of the crash. This could include:

  • Police report
  • Witness or driver statements
  • Proof of reimbursement

Regardless of if you’re at fault, insurance companies keep track of how many claims you file each year. Drivers who have a history of filing claims are considered likely to do so in the future, so their insurance premiums may be higher.

The Benefits of Hiring a Missouri Car Accident Lawyer

Minor car accidents usually result in property damage and personal injuries that require immediate out-of-pocket expenses. To recover reimbursement for those costs, you will need an experienced minor car accident attorney on your side to assist you in navigating the long and confusing claims process, make sure the claim is processed accurately, and help you earn the compensation you deserve.

Trusted Minor Car Accident Lawyers in Missouri

The lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau can help you pursue legal action to receive compensation for your minor car accident injury. If you want to learn more about our legal services or how we handle our car accident cases, call us today at 573-335-9300 to schedule a free case consultation.