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Can I Get Compensation for Pain and Suffering Claim Without a Lawyer?

Can I Get Compensation for Pain and Suffering Claim Without a Lawyer?

Settling a car accident or personal injury is no minor ordeal. It can take time to file your claim and receive the benefits you need for your pain and suffering. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be able to settle the case yourself without a lawyer. While it’s not recommended, here’s how you can work through your pain and suffering claim on your own.

The Definition of a Pain and Suffering Case

Pain and suffering is a broad term for any physical or mental suffering that you’re seeking compensation for in your personal injury claim. It’s a noneconomic damage that is highly subjective and doesn’t have a specific monetary value. The amount of pain and suffering damage you claim is based on your injuries and their severities.

To complete your pain and suffering claim without lawyer help, you’ll need to write a demand letter requesting a specific settlement. In the letter, you’ll need to state how you calculated your damages and back up the claim with documentation. Once the other driver receives the letter, you will both sit down to settle your pain and suffering claim.

Filing a Pain and Suffering Claim Without Lawyer Assistance

While it might be possible to go without legal representation when settling your pain and suffering claim, it is unadvisable and there are a few factors you must first take into account, including:

  • The Level of Severity: A smaller accident, such as a fender bender, is much easier to settle than a more serious incident. If you didn’t sustain serious injuries, you can probably squeak through without involving an attorney.
  • The Amount of Evidence: Pain and suffering claims rely heavily on evidence, such as witness testimony, supporting documents, and proof that the other driver is at fault. The less evidence you have, the harder it is to settle without an experienced legal professional by your side.

While collecting your pain and suffering claim without a lawyer may seem straightforward, it can be more difficult than you think. The more complicated your case is, the longer it can take to work through. Ultimately, you’ll be shortchanging yourself by not seeking experienced legal representation of a reputable pain and suffering lawyer.

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