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Common Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Can Be Denied

Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Can Be Denied


Having a disability claim denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA) is an unfortunate reality for a majority of those seeking compensation as the SSA reports more than 65% of initial claims are denied. Re-considerations, which is typically the first step in appealing a denial in most states, are denied at an even higher rate of 85%, according to the SSA. 

To assess the legitimacy of a claim, the SSA will use a litany of factors including the impairment that was considered, the exclusion of non-medical and medical records, and the type of medical condition associated with the claim. Here are some of the more prevalent reasons why Social Security disability claims get rejected.

Lack of Hard Medical Evidence

Like many government identities, the SSA will not expedite assistance unless there is hard evidence. If you want to qualify for disability benefits, for example, you will need to prove that you are incapacitated and unable to work due to your condition.

For a successful claim, keep accounts of all medical records, as well as documents that show that your disability has interfered with your ability to maintain work or sustain work activities. The administration will not send doctors to gather evidence on your behalf — your claim is to be backed by medical records from your primary care physician.

Prior Denials

Government administrations work on their own time, so it is understandable if you grow impatient waiting for your disability claim to be approved. However, filing multiple claims at once is not recommended. Doing so will only net you negative attention as claims are typically denied when the administration notices a pending or previously denied one on your account. To avoid a logjam of multiple claims that will likely be denied, contact a social security lawyer who can help you navigate the appeals process and move your claim along.

Failure to Cooperate and Follow Treatment

No matter how you feel about the administration, it is in your best interest to not only cooperate with them but to also follow the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor. The administration will be more steadfast in supporting an individual who is compliant and has demonstrated the ability to maintain their end of the bargain. To increase your likelihood of approval, follow all requests for documentation, show up to all of your scheduled medical exams, make sure that you archive your paper trail to support future claims, and seek the help of a local Social Security lawyer.

Hire an Experienced Social Security Lawyer

The fact that your disability claim was denied does not mean you can’t take proactive steps in obtaining further support. In fact, having a lawyer in your corner can increase your odds of approval by about 60%. Therefore, the moment your claim is denied, you must act fast by securing an experienced attorney. Re-considerations allow a 60-day window to submit a written request for a hearing with an administrative law judge. To expedite your appeal, contact the qualified attorneys at Lanzotti and Rau. We are savvy to the SSA’s process and will move quickly to ensure your appeal is properly supported by hard evidence. To learn more about our expertise and to schedule your free consultation, call Lanzotti and Rau at 573-335-9300 today.