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4 Common Injuries With Construction Workers

4 Common Injuries With Construction Workers

Without the dedication of hard-working construction workers, our society would not have progressed to its current level of advancement. However, despite its importance, construction work is also one of the most hazardous professions. Operating heavy machinery and constructing large structures can lead to accidents and injuries for workers. Although safety precautions and standards are in place to prevent construction site injuries, not all dangerous situations can be avoided.

The Top Four Construction Site Injuries

The four major causes of injuries at a construction jobsite include:

  1. Falling

    As the most common cause of construction workplace injury falls account for 35% of construction accidents. Construction workers can fall from anything, including ladders, roofs, and scaffolding; therefore, many safety measures are in place. OSHA requires all workers to undergo climbing safety training and wear fall prevention harnesses when working above the ground.

  2. Electrocution

    Construction and electrical work go hand-in-hand, and workers can easily hit power lines with machinery and equipment, leading to deadly electric shock.

  3. Equipment and Machinery Injuries

    Most of the equipment and machinery used on a construction site is hazardous and can cause a great deal of injury if operated irresponsibly or by someone who lacks proper training. Occasionally, construction workers have been crushed or mangled after getting caught in heavy machinery. Such injuries can result in severe trauma, loss of limbs, or death.

  4. Fallen Objects

    If workers do not secure their tools when climbing or maintain a strong grip, an object can easily fall and become a lethal projectile to workers below. Being struck by an object falling from great heights, even while wearing a hard hat,  can lead to traumatic injuries and even death.

A construction site is a dangerous workplace where accidents can always happen, no matter the amount of training and precautions put in place.

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