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Can You Receive Workers Compensation If You Work From Home?

Can You Receive Workers Compensation If You Work From Home?

Within the past few years, technological advancements have led to an increase in employees’ ability to work remotely. The more streamlined processes of video conferencing and messaging platforms have created a work-from-home culture where employees can remain productive in the comfort of their own home. However, working from home has shifted from a perk to a necessity during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Many Americans forced to adapt to the sudden change in their workplace environment are left with questions regarding traditional office policies and procedures. 

One question is whether employees can receive worker’s compensation if they are injured while working outside of the office. 

The answer is yes, however, there are several key points that would have to be documented and proven in order to file an at-home workers’ compensation claim, such as the location of the injury and whether the injury occurred while the employee was doing work.

Proving Your Injury

The difficulty in receiving worker’s compensation when working from home is proving your injury and how it relates to your job. At a traditional workplace, employees may have witnesses to their injury or even be able to access security footage to prove the injury. At home, however, this can prove difficult to measure and document.

Worker’s compensation is based not only on the injury, but how and when it occurred. Employees can take careful measures to document what happened by utilizing webcams or installing cameras in their office to accurately capture footage of any accidental events.

Staying Safe at Home

Work from home employees should actively work to keep their workspace safe and free of hazards. By inspecting the space, they can ensure there are no loose or sharp objects lying around, such as staples or scissors. It is also important to minimize damage in unique ways, such as investing in a stand-up workspace or taking necessary breaks to avoid circulation, muscle, and joint issues or conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fighting for What’s Right

Even when working from home, being injured on the job means that you may be eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits. However, to ensure you get fair compensation for your pain and discomfort, you must trust in the right lawyers to help you. 

The lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau can help you receive your due compensation for any on-the-job injuries. If you want to learn more about our legal services or how we will represent your personal injury case, call us today and schedule a free consultation at 573-335-9300.