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Can I Return to Work After a Workers’ Comp Settlement?

Can I Return to Work After a Workers’ Comp Settlement?


Many questions will run through your head after getting injured on the job. For example, you’ll wonder how your injury will affect your bank account, what to expect from a workers’ compensation settlement, and if and when you can return to work. However, workers’ comp settlements are a complex process that can take up to weeks or months to settle. In simple terms, you can return to work, but there are some things you’ll need to consider before going back to your workplace.

Returning to Work After a Workmans Comp Settlement

Once you return to work after getting injured on the job, you can still reach a workers’ comp settlement. The most important aspect of workers’ compensation is aiding your recovery process and making sure you receive the financial reimbursement for your medical expenses. Your attorney will work on negotiating with the insurance provider to get the best settlement in your favor. However, before you go back to work, here are three factors you should think about:

  • Your relationship with your employer

    Although workmans comp helps mend the relationship between the employer and injured employee by covering your medical expenses, some employers still feel resentment because the claim raises their insurance premiums. If the relationship with your employer wasn’t the best, consider looking for another job where the environment is safer and not as tense.

  • Your injury

    Your number one priority is recovering as much as possible after getting injured at work. However, some injuries will change your life and how you perform certain tasks. If you can no longer perform the same job, then you can take a lump sum settlement and a new position that you can comfortably perform moving forward.

  • Your attorney’s advice

    Consider your attorney’s guidance. Many lawyers have worked on countless workers’ compensation cases. If your attorney advises you not to return to the same job, consider it when deciding your next step. The best decision you can make is one that helps your and your family’s financial future.

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