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Are All My Bills Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Are All My Bills Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Work-related injuries often happen unexpectedly and are hard to prepare for. Luckily, workers’ compensation coverage can greatly help employees in a time of need. For the most part, workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory in the state of Missouri and employers are required to offer assistance when one of their employees sustains injuries while on the job. It’s very comforting to know that you will be supported in a time of need; however, it’s important to understand that the company you work for and the nature and severity of your injuries could affect your compensation. 

What Was the Nature of Your Injury?

Although it may seem like workers’ compensation would cover all of your bills, which benefits get paid may vary by employer and the circumstances of your injury. If you sustain a small claims injury, you still have same rights as big injuries; however, your benefits will depend on the nature and extent of your injury — especially if you recovery fast and can be back to work within a day or two. If you were to sustain a large injury, you will likely have a better chance of getting more benefits. In terms of a serious, long term injury, you can expect the following bills to be covered: 

  1. Medical bills, including any required medical equipment  
  2. Missed wages from time off
  3. Lawsuits related to the incident
  4. A settlement for a disability caused by the accident 

Reasons Claims May be Denied

Unfortunately, there are instances where workers’ compensation claims may be denied. It is important to always follow-up with your employer and physician to make sure you are adhering to their guidelines. Below are common reasons that workers’ compensation claims are denied: 

  1. The injury isn’t covered by workers compensation
  2. The injury wasn’t reported within 30 days of diagnosis
  3. The claimant was using illegal substances
  4. The claimant didn’t use their assigned physician
  5. The claimant files the claim after being let go from their position 

Contact a Missouri Workers’ Comp Attorney for Help 

Unexpected injuries and time off work are never easy to deal with, but the lawyers at Lanzotti & Rau can help you pursue legal action to ensure you receive the benefits you deserve. If you have any questions about how our firm handles workers’ compensation cases or any of our services, feel free to give us a call today at 573-335-9300. If you have been injured, you can receive a free consultation and our determination to seek the best outcome for you.